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Thought for today 💡 MANIFESTATION
Thanks to my Affirmators! Cards 👍💗🙏 https://www.instagram.com/p/B-n_9V7jBG0/?igshid=b8mfcuy68uto

Essential oils for de-stressing, and protecting-
Relax & de-stress: Lavender + frankincense in the diffuser
Protect against viruses, bacteria & other pathogens: Onguard blend + oregano in a roller bottle

Turning… https://www.instagram.com/p/B-nkClvDh0u/?igshid=14rdd2y4ply7i

Positive of self isolation #7: extra time to make breakfast smoothies 👍
1 cup filtered water
1 handful Baby spinach
3 chunks frozen pineapple
1 dessert spoon peanut butter (Pics or Mayvers I reckon are the best - or… https://www.instagram.com/p/B-YLnzfjRLe/?igshid=1hdf31mao6j1c

👉As of today: all studio sessions moving to ONLINE! 👈 - https://mailchi.mp/812d4937ded4/12-days-of-fitnessfood-and-wellbeing-6410228
With options to join in on live Zoom sessions, or sign up for my daily 'Workout of the Day' which you'll receive 5 days a week


Today’s diffuser blend:
3 citrus bliss + 3 grapefruit + 2 sandalwood 👌💗
#doterra @ Proactive Fitness Food & Wellbeing https://www.instagram.com/p/B-TQth1jHXd/?igshid=13ub0anfr81hu

2020 Vision:  12 Month Programme

This is your own online holistic lifestyle coaching resource at a fraction of the cost; incorporating movement, stretching, nutrition and mindset.

I love Cristie’s holistic approach to training. She has helped me set realistic goals and achieve them by making small lifestyle adjustments.

C. O’Sullivan

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