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Welcome to my studio; my face-to-face and online community.  Things are very different these days in the midst of covid19 social distancing and restrictions. I’m very grateful to have been able to transition all of my services online from March to June of this year, so that I can still maintain our connections, routine and healthy habits.

Now that restrictions are being eased here in South Australia I’m able to widen my offering again – so if you are looking for Personal Training, Holistic Coaching or Small Group Sessions I am here to help – either face-to-face or online.

As of Monday June 1st the studio will be open again for all sessions, plus I will still be offering some small group sessions online.  I am also continuing to do some Personal Training online for those who feel more comfortable staying home especially for those with any health concerns.

Some of the (many) advantages to training from home are the convenience, no travel time, and not having to get out in the cold weather!

What do you need right now? 

  • A new workout each day, that I can do anytime that suits you – and a library of workouts of all different types, you can access 24/7. This is a ‘Virtual WOD’ which is in my private Facebook group; you can join the group for just $18 a week to receive a workout video and programme at 6am each weekday morning (Mon-Fri).
  • live online session that’s interactive and fun in a small group that suits all abilities (ideal if you’re missing your gym classes, or you just don’t want to leave the house)
  • 1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions tailored specifically to your needs and your availability

How do the sessions ‘happen’?

  • Online sessions are via Zoom
  • See my timetable for all Small Group Sessions
  • Contact me to discuss Personal Training options
  • For all sessions (face-to-face and online) book and pay via the MindBody Connect app for ease, convenience and security

If you’re not familiar with Zoom and/or wondering how sessions happen – click here for an outline of how they work and how easy it is to get started.

For any questions please give me a call or an email and I’d be happy to discuss your needs and how I may be able to help.

Yours in health, Cristie.

Here is a little tour of my studio to give you a feel for it here.

As of Monday 1st June, welcome back to the Studio!

Whether it’s for 1:1 Personal Training or Small Group Sessions – join me back in the studio, or via Zoom. If you’ve never used Zoom before, don’t worry it’s easy most people find it takes a session to get used to doing your workout in your own home or yard, then it becomes the new normal. There are always advantages too – like saving on travel time, and perhaps a sleep-in!

Need some daily motivation?

Let me help out, providing you with a workout to do today! You get 5 workouts per week, one for each weekday – designed by yours truly.

Just $18 per week to join my private group, with access to every workout I’ve published.  It’s your own personal workout library without anything crazy simply achievable, practical workouts with videos and programmes to follow.

Your first choice of the day determines the quality of your choices for the rest of the day....
do you agree?
For me, tuna+avo+spinach is my ideal breakfast to set me up for a good, healthy day; and/or a smoothie…

Join me tonight at 6pm for 35mins of dancing, moving and grooving!
From your own living room, bedroom or anywhere you like 👏
Just book in for your first session FREE via the MindBody app.
You’ll get a link sent to…

If I can’t have a blanket I will have a curtain....! @ Proactive Fitness Food & Wellbeing

Someone 🙄 caught this on video last night in my first ‘Dance it Out’ session....! Fun 🤸‍♀️
A bit aerobics-y, a bit dance-y...whatever it is for you, it’s in the comfort of your own living room via Zoom!…

The studio reopens next Monday, 1st June! -


2020 Vision:  12 Month Programme

This is your own online holistic lifestyle coaching resource at a fraction of the cost; incorporating movement, stretching, nutrition and mindset.

I love Cristie’s holistic approach to training. She has helped me set realistic goals and achieve them by making small lifestyle adjustments.

C. O’Sullivan

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