I’m here to support you


My passion lies in helping women achieve their goals, whatever they may be, and in the process helping them find ways to be healthy and happy for the long-term.

I became a Personal Trainer and established Proactive Lifestyle & Fitness in 2009. It was a conscious decision to change where I invested my energy – for my own health and to help others.  This was a huge change in direction after being in fashion design for 18 years including the US and London for 12 years.

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) which is an autoimmune disease, in 2007.  I refused to have my thyroid removed or treated with radioactive iodine and have been managing it through diet, a healthy lifestyle and in conjunction with my Naturopath.  This means that I have good and bad days, I can’t push myself too hard or I may get heart palpitations, and I really need to listen to my body rather than ‘push through’.

When I was a child I suffered from chronic asthma and was hospitalised many times, up until the last time I remember was around age 14, and the last time I used a ventolin inhaler was around age 21.  My Dad encouraged me to swim, and to run – however I didn’t get into running voluntarily and for ‘pleasure’ until I was in my early 20’s.  I’ve always love sport – ballet, calisthenics, swimming, netball, hockey, running, triathlons etc, so for me having limitations is something to work with and grow from – not something that stops me.

So how does that translate into me being a Personal Trainer, and how I help you?

It means that I understand when you say that something hurts or is a ‘wrong’ kind of pain; I trust you and will not push you through it.  I am here to give you motivation, support, encouragement, focus and accountability; to understand where you are now – and help you through my knowledge and experience how to achieve what you want.

My satisfaction comes from the feeling of really helping people and making a difference; that’s why I do what I do, and that’s why you won’t find a heap of selfies or self-promotion here.

~ Cristie.