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New logo, new tops!

You may have noticed over the past few months (if not longer) that I’ve been sharing more about how I help people in more dimensions than simply fitness + food. So with this evolution I felt that a new logo is a great way to emulate what I’m about, and what my community is about.The […]

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  May 28, 2021   No comments

Who’s really responsible for your cravings?

YUM! Do you OFTEN crave certain foods which you know are ‘special occasion’ treats? Chances are, it may not be YOU craving that icecream, cake or chocolate, it may be your sneaky little gut fungi down there hollering to be fed! Quick test: Go to the nearest mirror & poke your tongue out. Does your […]

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  February 19, 2021   No comments

Is your body like a dirty bath?

Picture a dirty bath. If you add a speck of dirt, a handful, or even a bucket full – would you even notice? Now if you’ve got a clean bath and you add a speck of dirt – you would notice it immediately! (To get your body in that ‘clean bath’ state, we need to […]

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  February 17, 2021   No comments