Are you going through menopause?

Understand how to effectively work with your changing hormones.

I can help you understand how and why you feel the way you do; assisting with the symptoms of this transition through good nutrition, appropriate exercise, quality sleep, stress management and life balance.

This may be the time to take a different approach to weight loss, to understand how the hormonal changes in your body have a massive influence in how and where your body is storing fat – which may be quite different to in the past!

If you’re an A-type person who has always taken the approach of harder and faster to achieve the results you want – you may be finding that it doesn’t work any more and in fact the opposite is happening.

If you’ve always been a ‘giver’ you may be finding that you just don’t have any more to give and you’re burned out and exhausted, and feeling like you’ve been left behind or invisible.

Let me help you find a better way to discovering your best body, inside and out – and being comfortable and happy being you.