Do you know what to do post baby?

After you’ve had a baby, know what to do safely and when it’s good to begin.

Do you want to back into shape after the arrival of your little one(s)?Need a bit of inspiration, motivation, help in knowing what’s safe and beneficial to do?

Based in my private studio here in Plympton, we train both indoors and outdoors.

Our focus is on strengthening and toning exercises to effectively shift postnatal weight and toning your body after giving birth – as well as having some you-time and fun!

Benefits of our small group:

• Group support for new mums

  • Effective and safe post-natal workouts with aqualified Personal Trainer with over 8 years extensive experience in pre andpost natal (including First Aid, Fitness Australia registered, fully insured)
  • Mix of cardio, strength training and core strengthening
  • Bring baby/babies, no creche or babysitter required