30 Day Lifestyle Reset Program

If you’ve been frustrated by not knowing what’s the right approach for you, join me as I walk you through the reasons why you’re not making progress, why most plans don’t work for the long-term, how you can kick-start your own health weight loss and most importantly sustain it.

Transform from being exhausted and overwhelmed, to feeling and looking your best!

My program helps you change your daily habits for confidence, weight loss, energy and long-term change.

If you want to…

• Feel and look your best without having to do an extreme diet or exercise regime

• Have the energy you need for all your commitments and have enough for yourself too

This program is for you if…

• You’ve done diets before, but regained the weight, plus more

• Feel sluggish, no energy, foggy head, headaches

• Your weight is creeping up and you’re frustrated that things that worked for you in the past aren’t working for you any more

 “The small changes I’ve made in the last 4 weeks have made such a big difference to my energy levels, moods and stress levels…and the best part is I’ve lost nearly 4kg. These are healthy lifestyle changes which I can continue long-term, which is what I was missing.” – Dani W.

This is my program’s structure:

The Foundation

  • Why you’re here
  • What you need
  • Getting Started: where you’re at, where you want to be, the plan
  • Your 30 Day Planner


  • Food/habits diary
  • Weekly measurables (weight, measurements, fitness, strength, sleep)

Your Tools and Resources

  • Food: Meal planner, nutrition guidelines, recipes
  • Movement: Workouts, stretches, incidental exercise ideas
  • Weekly emails (program content)
  • E-book

Connect, Ask, Share

  • Weekly Zoom meeting
  • Private facebook group

What You Will Receive

  • Weekly emails and videos to keep you inspired and motivated
  • Resources: Your 30 Day Planner, E-Book, Templates and/or workbooks each week
  • Private Facebook Group for additional support – I will be checking in each day to answer your questions

Payment Options

1 x $249 (AUD)

*Pay in full prior to the program start date and receive a 45mins 1:1 coaching session with me