Do you need better work-life balance?

We investigate all areas of your life to support you in mind, body and spirit.


Often it’s not a matter of ‘working harder’, to get the results you want. Working ‘smarter’ may involve re-assessing more than just how much physical activity you are doing. For some, their body is under so much stress, additional physical exercise (stress) will not benefit them at all – until they have addressed the other stressors on both the physical and mental aspects of the body.

Our Holistic Coaching Service is available face-to-face and online via Skype.

We look at the following areas to determine the priority areas needing to be addressed in order to get your body and mind in a healthy state:

* What you eat

* When you eat

* Sleep & circadian rhythm

* Digestive wellness

* Detoxification

* Thought processes

* Stress management

* Work/life balance

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Once we worked out how to fix my 'jet-lagged' sleep pattern I stopped craving 'bad' foods and my body started feeling better. Then I started exercising again, I felt like eating regularly and my moods improved. Now I'm back to my best weight, my body doesn't ache any more and I feel happy again!

Bronnie O.