Are you stuck in a rut?

We use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to release limiting beliefs and habits that have been holding you back.

Change your thinking with NLP and change your life.

Do you feel:

  • Unmotivated? Lacking direction in your life?
  • Unhealthy and/or unfit?
  • Stressed, worried?
  • Not happy or satisfied in your career?
  • Don’t know what you want, but don’t want what you’ve got?
  • Surrounded by draining relationships – partner, colleagues, friends, family?
  • ‘Unlucky’ – like you just can’t get a break?
  • Like you can’t change your lifestyle, routine and/or habits, even though you know they’re not good for you?

Do you want to:

Increase motivation and achieve your goals

Overcome bad habits and addictions

Improve your relationship with food

Improve self-esteem and confidence

Alleviate anxiety and phobias

Improve relationships – personal and professional



NLP as a form of coaching and counselling is particularly useful for changing the way our thoughts, feelings and behaviours work together.


To understand what NLP is about, it’s easiest to break NLP into its three areas:


– refers to the brain and the nervous system and the way our senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting (both remembered and constructed), influence our personal experience, our perspectives and perception.


– refers to the way we use language to communicate with others, our inner dialogue and our body language.


– refers to our thought processes and strategies, as well as our language and behaviour patterns.


If you’ve been reading about NLP on the internet, you’ve probably noticed that different people talk about NLP in different ways. One of the reasons for this is the NLP model is complex and can be applied in many different ways. So it’s important to make sure you understand your NLP Practitioner’s approach and their underlying philosophy before you book an appointment..

Unlike much counselling which focuses on talking about your problems on your past, the NLP methodology is more focused on your goals and ‘where you want to be’and building ways to help you move in that direction.

NLP works fast. It is what’s called a ‘process-based approach’to therapy – or in other words, ‘more doing, less ‘talking’. A typical NLP session is packed with tips and strategies, such as: creating positive anchors, changing unhelpful thinking patterns, managing your emotions, reframing thoughts, building on your own strengths and developing ways to empower yourself.

The way we think and what we believe ourselves to be capable of, determines the path our life takes. That’s why understanding the way we think and knowing how to change unhelpful patterns is so important.

The goal of psychological coaching is to put you back in charge of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Whether that’s breaking unhealthy habits, achieving goals and dreams, creating more harmonious relationships, more motivation (or inspiration). It’s about building resilience, changing negative self-talk and building yourself up from the inside. For some, it’s about getting off that emotional roller coaster. For others, it’s about getting out of a rut and putting the spark back into your life. If you’re already successful, it’s about building on your successes.

Most of all, it’s about you feeling in control of you, and in command of your future. It’s about empowering you. It’s about overcoming those obstacles that have held you back in the past and stopped you from achieving your hopes and ambitions. It’s also about modelling the strategies that many successful people use naturally (elite athletes especially so).

It’s a proactive approach for people who want to be in charge of their own future.


Sessions are available on a casual basis. It’S completely up to you how many and how often (no minimum bookings or contracts).


An NLP session starts by talking a little about where you feel you’re at right now. Then the rest of the session is focused on helping you make the shifts you want – whether that’s emotional, motivational, breaking habits, achieving goals or getting over a traumatic experience. Together we focus on what you want, building on your strengths and boosting your internal resources. It’s an uplifting and creative process that will leave you feeling inspired on the inside and back in charge!

Clients are often both surprised and delighted by the effect this approach has on their everyday life. The future looks a whole lot brighter and they feel better about themselves. And it’s easier than you might think.

I’ll teach you new and different ways of thinking to change the way you feel about yourself and shift your mood, to empower yourself to make the changes you want and become the person you want to be.


A lot can happen in a session. Specific issues such as phobias and neutralising emotions surrounding traumatic events are often resolved in as little as one or two sessions. More general issues, such as confidence and self-esteem benefit from a range of strategies and I find the best and long-lasting success happens with around four to six sessions.

Many clients choose to spread these sessions over a number of weeks or months and I’ll give them tips and strategies to work on in between sessions. Also, it’s not unusual for clients to come back six months or a year later for a ‘top up’ or eager to do new work.


1 hour session: $120

1 1/2 hour session: $180

1/2 hour ‘tune up’ sessions for existing clients: $60

Payment methods:

Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer