What can I expect from personal training?

What can I expect from personal training?

I work to keep you on track, progressing, developing and achieving what’s important to you.

Our first session

is really a consultation where I take your details and do a heath screening.   We establish what’s important to you – it may be goal setting, or it may be something like “I want to be pain-free”. We decide on how to measure these things that are important, such as measurements or body composition, or strength/fitness progress, flexibility or health measurables (amongst others!). We undertake a postural analysis and movement assessment to make sure we work together safely by identifying any limitations or discovering the reasons why you may not be moving to your fullest capacity. We make sense of the pain you have and help you to move better.  We’ll do a small workout before the session finishes to give you a taster of how I work and to see if we’re a good fit to work together.


According to what we establish in the first session, we set dates for when we’ll measure your progress (usually monthly).  Sessions are planned in advance, however when you arrive I will check how you’re feeling and adjust or modify to make sure it’s beneficial for you.  If you’re feeling tired from no sleep and not 100% there is no point in me giving you a strenuous workout where you’ll very likely injury yourself!  My job is to help you take best care of your body.   

Private studio

It’s a fun and creative space.

The studio is ideal for those who don’t have a gym membership or just don’t really like gyms. We can play our own music (or none!) and you have access to your own bathroom and shower. You’ll feel comfortable and supported, and you can relax knowing that this time is all about you, with no distractions or disruptions. This is also a great space to train if you have little ones (babies/toddlers) as they can come along too and can sleep or play. We have two resident happy hounds (beagles Cooper and Maggie May) who also love kids and are very chilled out. 

Managing sessions and payments

You’ll get an email confirmation of your session/s every week. We use MindBody Connect which is an excellent payment system, where you can book and pay for your sessions via your smartphone or online.

What can I expect from group sessions?

In studio or outdoor, challenging and fun

If you get motivated by being in a group or team and enjoy getting fit with other people, our small group sessions are designed just for you.

Want to get healthier, fitter, stronger?  To feel better?  To set a good example for your kids?  To de-stress and have some time for you?

Join our fun community for varied, tailored, and challenging workouts.  We’re here to inspire and motivate you – to help you feel and move better.

We offer three types of small group sessions, to cater for different needs and budgets.

First session is free.  For your convenience, use the MindBody Connect app or online to book and pay for sessions.