The #1 Reason You’re Not Losing Weight – And How to Fix It.

(And it’s not by eating less or exercising more.)

Wednesday 15th July 12noon ACST

In this free online workshop you’ll discover:
• What’s preventing you from losing weight
• Why this is so common, particularly for women
• Why one diet or exercise plan works for your friend, but not for you
• How you can kick-start your own healthy weight loss
• How to maintain your ‘best you’

Meet Your Presenter

Cristie Shuttleworth is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Personal Trainer with over 11 years experience helping women prioritise their own health and wellbeing. With 18 years in the Fashion Industry prior to her career change into Holistic Health, she knows the demands of corporate life and travel, and the effects of constant stress on both mental and physical health. Finding effective strategies that are practical and long-term are key in her approach in helping women find their own work-life balance and to feel and move their best.

I love Cristie’s holistic approach. She has helped me set realistic goals and achieve them by making small lifestyle adjustments. C O’Sullivan

Cristie’s reset programme has been fantastic for me – to have lost 9kgs and have so much more energy is amazing and more than I had hoped for. Totally a body reset! 4 months later and I’ve lost another 2.5kgs surpassing my goal and feeling that this really is sustainable, thank you! T. Maddern

Although I didn’t have a lot of ‘weight’ to lose I knew I could feel better in particular some stomach issues. With three young children plus work I couldn’t cope with anything complicated, but the Reset plan has been surprisingly easy to integrate; I’ve lost 10% of my bodyweight and my stomach issues have gone plus I feel so much better in general. J. Thompson