10 Keys to 10 Kg Programme

When it comes to weight loss – most women focus on exercising more and eating less. And that’s not your fault, it’s what we are taught to do from a young age. But it’s not a long-term (or healthy) solution.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, it needs to be from a lifestyle change – and a change in what we believe about ourselves.

You may have tried a lot of diets before, a lot of exercise programmes and they may not have worked as you hoped they would. Feeling incredibly sore from over-exercising and hungry all the time is not the way to lose – those types of diets and workouts can have a negative effect on your health and your metabolism. Often you end up feeling MORE exhausted than we did to start with, and depleted. And worried that if you stop exercising or dieting – the weight will come back like a tsunami – plus extra.

More than anything – it destroys your confidence.  And I am here to change that. 

That’s why I have created my 10 Keys to 10kg programme. 

By integrating healthy food habits, addressing chronic gut and hormonal issues, and lifestyle strategies – this is a unique program that covers 10 underlying principles for a sustainable weight loss programme that works for you – AND your life. 

What’s unique about this programme:

10 Keys to 10kg is a weight loss programme based on a sustainable and uncomplicated practical framework based on years of experience with clients just like you. It’s designed to help you lose weight by resetting not only your gut health, diet and lifestyle habits but also repressed emotional blocks and negative beliefs that you’ve never realised have been holding you in a vicious cycle of best intentions and self-sabotage.

My unique 12 Week Programme is designed to get the results you want, by addressing the whole of you (not simply to eat less/better and do more exercise).


Unlimited Support

You have access to me throughout the entire programme by text, email, DM for any questions and help. My intention is to help you achieve the results you set at the start of the programme in every way I can, with resources and tools to support you on the way.

Weekly Sessions

12 x 1hour sessions each week (in person or online, whichever suits you best), for the 12 weeks.

  • 1. Custom Assessment:

    from which I design a programme unique to your needs, based on your Holistic Lifestyle Questionnaire answers. This identifies the top priority areas we need to focus on, to get results in way you have not achieved before. Based on that, you will receive a custom programme designed by me based on these priority areas and your goals.

  • 2. 30 Day Holistic Health Protocol:

    tailored specifically to you, this is designed to address and improve gut health, inflammation, health issues/concerns such as menopause, pregnancy, thyroid etc. This really gets to the root cause of your health issues, not just the symptoms.

  • 3. Beliefs and Mindset:

    Discover what is holding you back so you can release it and create healthy beliefs and patterns to support your ideal lifestyle. I help you automate healthy eating and exercising - and lose weight to embed it in your life - without applying much conscious effort.

  • 4. Food:

    You don’t need a magical diet. You just need to eat for your metabolic type, and an approach that will suit your body. You will learn what to eat, cook tasty dishes that will boost your metabolism and sustain an efficient metabolism.

  • 5. Movement programme custom designed for you:

    Depending on your goals and requirements, such as weight loss, strength/fitness, improve health, resolve pain, performance, or whatever your own goal is, you will receive a custom programme suited to your particular body type and goal for fast, effective results.

  • 6. Sleep:

    Difficulty sleeping at night, hunger at odd times, or sudden fatigue at noon are just symptoms of deeper problems. In this step, we will work together to create changes to your sleep patterns based on your circadian rhythm so you get optimum rest for effective long-term weight loss.

  • 7. Stress:

    Stress affects inflammation, gut health and metabolism which affects weight loss. I will help you instil easy techniques to control and decrease stress, aiding speedy weight loss and to calm your body (and brain).

  • 8. Rest & Repair:

    Rest is not simply sleeping. Proper resting techniques not only help weight loss but reduce stress and anxiety. You can even control and speed up changes simply by regulating your breathing.

  • 9. Stretching:

    Based on principles of anatomy and physiology, the right kind of stretching can help you increase mobility, decrease pain, move better, and be able to enjoy doing more. By incorporating this simple tool in daily life - you can alter your physiology and metabolism.

  • 10. Roadmap to your future:

    It can be daunting to carry on without the support, which is why many people quit. So in this step, we will create a post-programme plan on how to maintain your ideal weight and lifestyle for the long-term suited to your particular lifestyle and needs. This includes creating healthy maintainable habits for the future, to ensure your great results become your new ‘normal’ that become simply part of your daily routine, rather than a ‘quick fix’ that unravels by going back to your old ways.